Larger DWG files

Everytime I open a lager DWG/DXF file my system is going extremely slowly. I have the feeling that Solid Edge can not handle these kind of files. Is this normal? If I open the file in my demo of Autocad LT the drawing is moving/zooming/rotating very smooth.. Also manipulate the drawing is working well in Autocad. Do I need to purchase a license of Autocad, of is there a way to do this smooth in Solid Edge?


My system;

HP Z420 

Intel Xeon E5-1620 @3,6 GHz

8 GB  DDR3 ram @1600MHz (I running on max 80% of it)

AMD Firepro V7900 2GB with 2GB ram video driver:
Driver File Version:
Familiar Driver Version:  15.201.1151.1008-151104a-296217E



Re: Larger DWG files

Not able to download the attached DWG on several attempts. Is it just me ?

Re: Larger DWG files

I've just downloaded it from another PC, so here it's working...

Re: Larger DWG files

Hi there @fbconstruct,


I tried to open the file, but it crashes out, so unable to test my theory......but, you might try turning off relationship handles.

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Re: Larger DWG files

This won't help your situation, but out of curiosity I opened the DWG file in AutoCAD 2018, and as you said the performance was fine.

Next I tried it in Inventor, in "review" mode where you can basically just view the DWG. There too, performance wasn't too bad.

Third I opened it in Inventor as a sketch, a basis for a 3D part. I had to run out to the shop and take care of things. I came back an hour later and the sketch still wasn't open, and while the "spinning wheel" was still spinning, the system informed me that Inventor was unresponsive. So the drawing appears to be challenging to 3D CAD systems.

I'm running a Windows 10 system with 64 gigs of RAM, and a Quadro M4000. i7-6700K @ 4.00 GHZ
-Seth M. Holmes