I have downloaded the free 2d package and have downloaded the licence. I have followed
the instructions and changed the file extention as indicated. However absolutely
nothing happens. When I launch the software I stil get the same message coming
up that I need the key. This is driving me nuts. I have been trying to launch
this program for 4 weeks now. I am beginning to lose the will to live. Has anyone
else had this problem, if so, how did you overcome it?
Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Many thanks

Re: Launch?

If you are trying to apply the license yourself, you must have downloaded
V19. If everything is done properly, the license should work. There is a new
verson, Solid Edge 2D Drafting V20, available at the free2d web page. I
suggest you uninstall V19 and download V20. When you install V20 you do not
have to worry about the license. The license is built in and will be
installed for you.
Rick B.