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Layers and offset question

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Is it possible to assign a specific line type, color and thickness to a particular
layer and than have this line drawn whenever I select that particular layer?

Also, I have suppressed the auto-dimension while drawing lines circles etc…. however
when I use the offset command, the driving dimension still shows up. Is this something
intentional? Is there a way to turn it off?

Re: Layers and offset question

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Currently Solid Edge layers do not have line type, color and thickness
element overrides. The style on the object and the object overrides of the
control these properties.
Auto-dimension is used by the basic geometry creation commands (place line,
etc.). The offset command is a more complex command of which you most often
want to have the dimension that defines the offset. If you do not want to
see the diemsnion, you can move it to another layer and turn that layer off.
If you do not need the dimension after the offset command is run, simply
delete it.