Legacy migration

Can anyone help what may be the quick and easy way to convert bulk leagacy data (PDF drawings) into SolidEdge 3D models.


Thank you


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PDF will be a problem as Solid Edge has no way to translate these.  Best to scour the internet for a "PDF to DXF/DWG" converter as there are many.


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Re: Legacy migration

Thank you Grundey.

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Your issue will be in finding a solution to convert 2D PDF files into any form of a 3D file.  I would expect that you will not find an automated solution for converting 2D PDF into 3D file formats. 


There are several free/open source solutions available to convert 2D PDF files into 2D DXF files.  Once you have 2D DXF files these can then be imported into Solid Edge draft without issue. You can then use the tools in Solid Edge to create the 3D from the 2D draft file.  However this will not be an automated process.

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How much amount of drawing? what is the time line you are looking?

If possible, attach one drawing, I will look and tell you which process will work for you.

We were in similar situation and have done successfully.

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Thanks for the reply. I have around 500 PDFs which need conversion. Refer the attached sample.

Appreciate your help.

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Automatic conversion did not go well. I have other better ideas which will work. We  have done same sometime back. if you want to discuss offline, please provide your contact detail to