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Length of modeled pipe in BOM

I have a client that makes pipe shelving furniture and I have a slew of drawings for them.  I started out modeling the assemblies using Frame design, but it presented a ton of issues when a lot of changes to the product took place.  At that point it was easier to model each length of pipe in a part file instead of Frame Design because the models held together better as the designs changed.


With that said, one of the downfalls was that in the BOM/Cutlist, I could no longer parametrically link to the length of the pipes (at least that I know of).  I have a column added for length, but in the list of properties to pull from, i cannot figure out a way to pull in the length of the modeled pipe?  Is this possible? Right now I manually type that, but that leads to costly mistakes.




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Re: Length of modeled pipe in BOM


In your part file, go into the variable table and find the variable for length. It will be named by default something like: "ExtrudedProtrusion_1_FiniteDepth"


To the right check the box "Expose" and give it a name.


Then, add that variable to your parts list. It will show up in your parts list properties with (Exposed Variable) after it. You can control the number of decimal places by adjusting the units in your draft. 


To make this easier I would create "template parts" of the various pipe sizes you use and embedd htis exposed variable in the template part. Then when you open the template part, save it as your part number, you exposed variable will be there and you won't have to expose the variable on new parts. 


You will of course have to add the exposed variable to existing parts.







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Re: Length of modeled pipe in BOM

Ive never used the "Expose" feature.  I have renamed dimensions to use in Family of Parts though.  Thanks.


Yeah I just thought about that, i will have to open all the exisiting parts and change them, but for future parts, it helps tremendously

Owner: Scott Lester Drafting & Design
Designer: Rotork Instuments

Re: Length of modeled pipe in BOM

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Gears Esteemed Contributor

Hi @scott_lester




another way I used since a couple of years is to prepare template with Your pipes - and this is where sync can help You a lot - with a PMI dimension for the length You need and expose this for BOM usage.


Since sync edits and modifications are done extremely easy from ASM You can bring Your pipe to the wanted shape and length, with an automatically change of dim AND so with an exposed property changed too.



Re: Length of modeled pipe in BOM

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My Parts lists include a column called Cut 1, it can be one of three veraibles, whatever aplies to the part.

Case 1. Manual, Assign any varible to "L" like protrusion length

Case 2. sheet metal, Cut_X goes here

Case 3. Frame members


here is the formatting I use for the parts list for that column


%{Flat_Pattern_Model_CutSizeX/@3N/CP/NU|G}%{Cut Length|G}%{L/@3/NU/CP|G}%RT


I also have a Cut 2, but that is only used for sheet metal Cut_Y


That way, you can use a mixture of frame and indevidually modled parts and still have the length show up on the parts list.