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Just a quick question.


We are still on ST3 here and looking to split our license file from 1 location to 2 locations. We ahve recieved the new license files and trying to set up the server and connections for the 2nd location. Our IT person downloaded the newest license server software, but we are getting that a server cannot be found. If I remember correctly, wasn't it at ST5 that there was a change at the license server level that made it incompatable with earlier ST versions?




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The Solid Edge license daemon changed at ST4.  Therefore you would need an ST3 compatible license cut against the "sedemon".  ST4 and newer uses the "selmd" daemon.

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So the IT dept is looking at not only an older server process, but older format file as well?



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It's not that the license file is in an older format per se, it simply has a different line in it.


Prior to ST4 the daemon entry is "sedemon":



ST4 and later the daemon entry is "selmd":



Depending on your location, you may have to explicitly request permanent ST3 licenses be generated for you. If so, please contact either GTAC or your Partner (depending on your support contract).