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License error message


Solid Edge Error Message 2.pngHi Guys,


Just downloaded Solid Edge ST8 and it was working fine, then I switched off my PC (64 bit Windows 7) and tried to open Solid Edge again and I received this error message. Can anyone help please?





Re: License error message


When I exit that error message I also receive the following error message:

Solid Edge Error Message 3.png

Re: License error message

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Solution Partner Phenom


your second image shows that licence utility is stored on drive R:

Usually that high drive letter means mapped drive. Is it possible that SE is installed on your R: drive and you do not have thid drive mapped?


Also you said that you downloaded SE. I assume that you are using trial version. Can you find the file SELicWiz.exe stored in R:\Program64\ folder according to you second image and check the SE CID number? In upper right corner of SELicWiz.exe utility is SE CID number.

Try to find your license file and compare this SE CID number defined in this file. License file is usually stored in ..\Preferences\ folder in SE installation folder. Opend SELicense.dat file in notepad or any text editor and find string COMPOSITE=XXXXXXXXXXX which should match SE CID number from SELicWiz.exe.