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License handling SE Simulation (floating)

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Hi to all,


we had a lot of trouble with our engineers regarding the floating license for SE Simulation. Menas to change the license from one workstation to another you have to close all your SE documents, then you have to got to the SE home menu and check out the simulation software. To finally release the Simulation license you have also to close Solid Edge and wait until your colleguage has started SE and occupied the license using the SE home menu and check in the simulation software.

This is a non practical way of using the great Simualtion tool. Also we have floating Express route licenses and this licenses are managed in the background. Means if you are working in the Express route environment you take a license. After closing Express route the license is free again.

Is it possible to have the same function for SE Simulation?

Because CAD users which have had used other CAD systems do not understand this.


Regards, Markus


Re: License handling SE Simulation (floating)

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Solution Partner Pioneer


I don't know how to solve the other issues but to see the licenses, you can know what users are using the lisence with the simulation from the license utillity installed with SE.



Betreff: License handling SE Simulation (floating)

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Hi @Wolfacher





maybe my answer will not be correct by 100% but I think it is the core reason:


This behaviour has to do with the product You are licensed to.

I suppose You are talking about a Solid Edge Premium license rather than a Solid Edge Simulation license, which also is available.

But the big difference here is taht with Premium all products are bundled together into one single license You call from server where on the other hand the sub products are licened etxra.

Therefore You can checkin/checkout those licenses where in the first situation it is necessary to close SE for changing the SE type of use form Premium to Classic or so.


So - this mightbe Your next question - why to we not have the Simulation extra rather than the Premium?

Simple answer, Simulation stand alone as floating costs double as much as a Premium license compared to Classic

So for the same money You will recieve two Premiums instead of one floating Simulation.

That's it!



Re: License handling SE Simulation (floating)

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Gears Esteemed Contributor

Hi @BeatrizSeoane




to find out who is using which license from server You will have two way to get it:


Either You can log on to the license server and start the LMTOOLS.EXE and do a query from there
or there is a tool available which can be started manually to recieve the license server usage report.

It was claimed a time ago here in the forum