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Line Types and Templates


Hello All,

I am currently working in Solid Edge ST4, and am developing a template/drafting standard for my organization.  In this effort, I would like to really limit the selection of line types that one could use, but if I open the styles command, I cannot delete anything (even line types I created, but are no longer used).  Is it possible to delete any of these defaults (or at least make a different list of line types for this file that doesn't include all the defaults)?


Also, Is it possible to have a template file saved somewhere other than the C:\Program Files\Solid Edge\Template folder (our IT blocks write access to this, and it would be convenient to put it on a common drive). Or, is there another way to add this file to the "Create" box when you first open the program?




Re: Line Types and Templates

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PLM World Member Legend

I can't help you with the line types I'm afraid but your second question is quite easy to answer.  You cab save a template file wherever you like.  I keep mine in a Dropbox folder so that I have the same templates on whatever machine I work on work/home/laptop etc.  You can set the user template directory in the SE Options window as shown below.  The only problem is of course that network access might make loading up new documents a little slower.


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Re: Line Types and Templates

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Gears Esteemed Contributor

And if you have the job of setting the company CAD standards, you will also want to look into using the "Options.xml" file to set your users settings to the company standard.  This can also be placed in a central location such as a File Share on the network.


See the following Help link:


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