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Linear hole pattern


Now, this is a question that applies to a lot of different CAD packages and not just Solid Edge.


I am wondering what is the best practices for creating a linear hole pattern for say 3 or 4 holes equally spaced- linear not rectangular). I would like to know the pro's and cons of the strategy. I will, of course, be using these holes to place connecting hardware- so washers, bolts and nuts in an assembly. 


Should I be using the hole feature and sketch the locations? Do I put in a single hole and use pattern? What are the pro's and cons when I want to copy and paste the holes into matching parts and then make adjustments like changing the clearance holes to taps, etc. How does this function effect the ability to copy and paste?


Re: Linear hole pattern


For a few holes with particular spacing, I would do a hole feature with the 4-5 holes in it with a sketch driving the spacing. In this case I would do it in the ordered environment.

This means it is easy to copy and paste (and edit) the single feature onto other parts (use feature library).


You could also do it in sync, though I find it easier to use ordered for specific patterns that I find easier to drive with a sketch.


If I was doing a whole lot of holes, particularly on a curved line, I'd use the linear pattern function, just a touch more complicated to re-use as you've mutiple features but still perfectly do-able.


To be honest there's not really much pros and cons, it's more personal preference. You can pattern bolt sets equally easily in both methods. I guess one down side to the linear pattern in ordered method is that it will potentailly break if you use and edge to pattern on and it changes, but then again the sketch driving the holes can break too...

Re: Linear hole pattern


Thank you. Your suggestion is what I have used for my sample part- holes in sketch in ordered mode. 

I ask about the patterning because I'm used to being able to place a component into an assembly and mate to hole. Then tell the system to create an arrayed pattern based on the parent hole pattern definition. I also have the option of defining the pattern manually. When doing a manual pattern I have to maintain the hole spacing and component quantities manually. That's not what most people want when designing. 


Any other takers or opinions?

Re: Linear hole pattern

Gears Phenom Gears Phenom
Gears Phenom

maybe consider creating the pattern as an assy feature...   thru all parts at once.




Pattern by table and thus you can re-use the table for all associative parts that need to share the pattern definition.

Matt Johnson
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Re: Linear hole pattern


@Johnson_BigMatt What are the pros and cons of using a table or assembly feature? 


Re: Linear hole pattern




In SE a group of holes placed within one hole command are essentially a pattern. You can place one fastener stack in one hole and pattern them just as if you created the hole group with a pattern.


For me it would come down to how many holes I needed to place. For example, if it was a "short" flat bar with 4-6 holes that I needed evenly spaced, I would go into the hole command, draw end connected lines representing the hole spacing, set them equal to one another, dimension one and locate the line and then place a hole at each end point. Inside the hole command anything drawn that is not a hole automatically becomes construction when you finish and end the command.


If I needed twenty holes evenly spaced, I would probably place one hole and use a pattern. For me it is a case by case basis. I just don't use patterns if I can place a few holes within one hole command.





Bob Henry
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Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

HI @RyanM




I also only can repeat and confirm was said here a couple of times now.


As long as the number of holes is not to high and the pattern of those holes are realtiv simple then I'm doing it directly within the hole feature.


This means it is very easy to put 3 holes in a line on the two endpoints and at the mid point.

The steps for having 4 holes or more in a line with equal spacing IMHO is easier to be achieved via pattern (rectangular or curved)


Four holes at a symmetric (centered) rectangle again is easy and fast to do directly with placing the first hole, Ctrl-A for selecting it and mirror with copy about the first center plane, agan Ctrl-A and mirror about the second plane

Now the two dimensions from center to center, done


Or drawing a rectangle within the hole sketch using this as placement for 4 or 6 or 8 or 9 holes 

But to be honest 8 or 9 will be done in most cases via pattern


And to hook-up onto anothers anser, there not realy is a pro or a contra, it's just a my method just now, maybe I will do it differently tomorrow, depending on my mood.



Betreff: Linear hole pattern


Thanks for the input gang!