Link chain (or chain link) in Solid Edge

Hi Edgers,

one of my customer asks how to model a chain link in Solid Edge. I was able to model chain link like part using Pattern alon curve with chordal option. But downsize of this method is that you have to turn off odd instances of pattern.

chain link.png


Is there a easier way to model this kind of chains? See picture and attached par file (ST8).

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Re: Link chain (or chain link) in Solid Edge

One question you have to ask first, is what do you want to do with it? Do you want a full motion model? Stress analysis? Just a looks-like model for drawings and renderings? Do you need mass properties?


And then how much time are you willing to put into it? If you really just want some representation on an assembly instruction drawing, then you probably don't want to sink a lot of time into it.

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Re: Link chain (or chain link) in Solid Edge

Hi Matt,
purpose of the model is only for drawing and rendering, no analysis or movement.
I was curious how to model this chain link when trajectory used is longer 3D curve.