Link fix-up tool to replace parts

Hello experts,


Is it possible to replace parts in assemblies by Link fix-up tool in SE ST5 for unmanaged data?

I am tired to use Rev Manager to redefine links for each element since it takes to much time...


Following poor SE help, I've tried to analyse assy folder by "analyze" tool which produce xlsx file with file paths.

Next manually modify this file by add new file paths for column C and D. Then apply modified excel file to "link fix-up" tool for unmanaged spreadsheet...Process finished! Nothing happened?


Is this tool supports redefining file paths or other? 


Thank you.


Re: Link fix-up tool to replace parts

You can use these tools to fix unmanaged data.  I use these dataprep tools before adding files into Teamcenter. The tool will not move files for you. It will allow you to change properties inside the files and redefine the location of the files. If you change the file path in the spreadsheet, you will need to make sure those files live in the new path before running the link fixup tool. It will redefine the links but it will not move the files.



Re: Link fix-up tool to replace parts

Hi Guys,


Can anybody show an example how this link fix up tool really works?


Everytime I have the same error:

"Can not determine start location for old file names from selected spreadsheet"


Im sure the prepared file xlsm is OK since created by solid edge's analyze tool (unmanaged data) and just added new link and file name in column c and d for interested elements according to solid edge help.


Please help.


Thank you in advance.

Re: Link fix-up tool to replace parts

What order did you use the dataprep tools? Did you modify the data before using link fix-up?


It might be time to call the SEEC guys at GTAC. They should be able to help you with all the dataprep tools. If there is an issue with a tool, they need to know to get it logged.



Re: Link fix-up tool to replace parts

Good morning

Order: 1 Analyze, 2 modify, 3 link fix up.
I have noticed Modify tool swaps geometry inside a file for selected elements..anyway link fix up do nothing..

Which data I should prepare before consultation?

Thank you.