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Linked files

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I'm looking at SE Free2D as an alternative to other CAD packages. We make substantial use of linked files (like X-REF in AutoCAD or References in Microstation).

SE seems to have a similar feature, but I just can't find the tool to do it and the help file is not being very helpfull on this.

Could you also share your experience with this kind of workflow on SE? I'm asking this as I have previously tested other alternatives (IntelliCAD) and in larger projects or ones using lots of X-REFs, things started getting buggy.

Thanks for this.


Re: Linked files

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There are a few tools in Solid Edge 2D Drafting to do this.
It depends on what it is you are trying to put in the file.
Images (JPG, etc.) are inserted using the Insert Image command.
It is on the Home tab and in the Insert Command group.
If you want to insert something like a spreadsheet, word or txt,
the easiest way is to drag and drop the file directly onto the sheet.
Rick B.