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Links to made from parts in draft mode

My company makes many parts that are machined from castings.

Many of our legacy machining drawings include a table that tells which casting the part is made from.

Thus, management wished to keep with this practice since it is what people are use to seeing.


When we model, we always model the casting first and then insert the casting "part copy" into the machining model so that it is linked.


The problem is pulling this information through tothe 2-d draft file.


Is there a way in draft mode to make the drawing automatically list the "made from" part?


Ive searched the variable tables and references and can not find any link that will allow me to pull this through to the 2-d draft file.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Re: Links to made from parts in draft mode

How about putting the casting in an assembly (a single part assembly obviously) and apply machining features as assembly features. That's how I've seen casting/machining and weldment/machining documentation done when it is necessary to keep the steps as discrete operations. There's no downside as you're already creating two files with a part copy. And the assembly will give you some good BOM options as well as callouts.

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Re: Links to made from parts in draft mode

Hi there @pwduncan,


I would think this is a fairly common work flow, we use this process here also.

What we do, is also show a small view of the casting model on the draft, and use callout "property text" to make annotations that show it's "file name, revision number & material".

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Re: Links to made from parts in draft mode

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A beter way to do this is to model the cast

Import the cast (ordered) into a new part and machine it.

Cast model and machined part are now linked..


On a drawing detail you machined part..

 In a corner show a small 3D picture of the cast


You can use a callout to collect the name of the part with %{File Name (no extension)|GP}

Or go into the properties of the view, and put this string into the caption section  %{File Name (no extension)|GP}


Your drawing will show both.. you can go into the machines part... or dive deeper into the cast...


This is a stable proven method, used for +10 years at our work to machine shafts.


Hope this helpsCast and machined.jpg


Im on ST10 so could not post samples... otherwise would have done a small sample..


Kind Regards,


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Re: Links to made from parts in draft mode

I like this as a possible solution.  Thanks for the quick responce.

Re: Links to made from parts in draft mode

I agree. Make a model and attach information. Then display the attached information in draft.


I think most here use the following:

Part number = Document Number (MS prop)

Part name = Title (MS prop)


So if the part name or number is not desired, You can add a custom variable or use another of the pre existing variables. All of the variables can be display in annotation, the part list is almost the only way to get that information into a table.

Re: Links to made from parts in draft mode

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@12GAGE  If you mean my suggested method using an assembly instead of insert part copy I agree Smiley Wink

Actually either method is feasible.

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Re: Links to made from parts in draft mode

One drawback from inserting a cast part into an assembly to machine it with Assembly features is you can not Simplify the end Machined part. I wish Assembly features could be Simplified downstream.

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Re: Links to made from parts in draft mode

@DaleSmith  Now that you mention it I vaguely remember that issue at the place which used that method.

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