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Re: Listing Dimensons of parts in part list/BOM

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

Hallo Nanan,

no not really. 


I have just tested a PSM file.

Here it is important, that You have a flattend model too.

Then MainDim finds this and brings the flat dimensions into MainDim


What I have to apologize and just seen, is, that I havbe not translated the info in the sheet.ini to English.

Sorry for that! Will do this asap.

There are several additional parameters and options, to bring a message window form with sheetlaser info on screen or not 

(this willl be the line "Meldung = ja" where ja is Yes and if wanted use nein for no)


And then there will be a lin DXF = 1 or 0 for output a DXF or no.

A couple of lines above You will find a line "Pfad=...." for the directory of DXF output


As promised i will make a transalation asap



For a ASM, there it will be necessary that You define certain dimensions using Your Main Dim names (defined in Hauptmaße.ini)


For example You see in the Hauptmaß.ini the entries main_1 = B, main_2 = H and so on.


Here You can define what dimensions should be taken for creating the MainDim property.

And You are also defining the order for that entries

If You do not define any MainDims here the default names dim_1, dim_2 ... will be taken.


Within an ASm it is not possible so easy to get the outer box of all parts, therefore You have to use PMI dims for that.



May be I will create a short video to show the usage of the macro








Re: Listing Dimensons of parts in part list/BOM


Yes. I would appreciate that English version. I would be grateful if you made a small video tutorial as well. I tried to use the program as well and nothing happened.



Re: Listing Dimensons of parts in part list/BOM

Honored Contributor
Honored Contributor

I do this all the time. but I use custom variable work to get it done. I try to display the referanced length the part actual length or the flat pattern length inot a column I call cut 1, I also have a cut 2 column in my parts lists.


I make sheet metal tanks that are size XYZ


My first step is making an assembly with planes at postion XYZ. then create the model by including planes. When I create a drawing, the name displays the part's name, then XYZ.


In parts list, I also display the Name, X, Y, Z.


This is only for parts that need all 3, X Y Z.


When I only need a lenth (L) I display L in the Cut 1 column along with the flat pattern X, and the frame lengths. Cut 2 is only used for the flat pattern Y variable.


It all can get a bit complex, but I keep one thing in mind the entire time: The format of the parts list is king. Organize files and variable to fit into a single format of parts list.


The one capacity I wish for is called "smart part numbers" The is most simply put as a variable string (String math is needed) where a variable name = assembly name, part name, text string

The closest eequivilent is document name formula that can't be displayed in draft. Even then, I don't know of a way to get teh asembly name or part name into a variable that will automatically update.


Re: Listing Dimensons of parts in part list/BOM




Is it possible to extract the dimensions into individual properties?


By default it makes


Abmessungen = main_1/main_2/main_3/main_4/main_5/main_6


Could it be made to make the dimenions show as,


Dim_1 = main_1

Dim_2 = main_1

Dim_3 = main_1


Re: Listing Dimensons of parts in part list/BOM

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor


so, I will try to explain how the macro works.


Let me start with the INI file.


This is the centre for all of Your definitions, how You like to have the macro running.


First there is a section defining the number of properties of main dims You would like to have maximum.

Default is 5 but as You see in the video in this config I have defned 6


Second section describes the names of Your properties You like to use.

Important: the order defined here will be used afterwards buildung the main dim property


Example You see here: 

1 = B

2 = H

3 = B2


6 = L


option "offenlegen" for discloing the variables Yes or No?  0 = No, 1 = Yes




As You can see in the video, if You are using this macro and no single dimension or variable is defined within You part, then the macro calculates the describing box in X, Y and Z and uses this as the main dimension (75/50/30)


But, if ther will be found any of those "6" predefined dims in the part, they will be taken then in exactly that order (B/H/B2/D/S L=)



A few sections down thee is the definition of the delimiters You would like to have

There is the default delimiter called "Trennzeichen" which in this example is a "/" but could be any text You like

But, for the 6th propertiy (which is the Length L) there is a special delimiter defined " L=" what means that therefore the entry in the proeprty text will be " L=value"


As You can see then, if You use a diameter dimension a diameter sign automatically is added as prefix to the text. (50/30/ø20 L=75)




In the proeprty name section the names for Your properties are defined


'property names for main dimension property and raw dimenion property

P_Name_1 = Abmessungen
P_Name_2 = Rohmaße


where the P_Name_1 is for the main dimension property and the P_Name_2 for the raw dimension property (main plus offsets if defined)


Heer in this example the German word Abmessungen for Dimensions is used as well as Rohmaße what means raw dimension


Here is the first video showing the above entries and results


Video 1 of Main Dim macro

 (ca. 20 MB swf)