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Local Help Server question


OK. I've gotSolid Edge ST10 and  NX (9-12) installed and this includes the Doc Server for local help. NX, Teamcenter and Solid Edge are all using the same services for help these days. Which makes life way easier!


I have help up and running but the search function is not working.


When I open help I don't see any options in the Products area of the webpage. I assume that there is possibly a second setting that I am missing somewhere. I've got UGII_UGDOC_BASE= localhost:8282 Should there be an environment variable for Solr search? on port 8283?  

When I go directly to localhost:8283 the Solr Admin displays so I know that it is running.Capture1.PNGCapture.PNG


Any ideas?


Re: Local Help Server question

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Solution Partner Valued Contributor

I have not done this with Solid Edge before, but with Teamcenter you must deploy the SolrIndex for each help collection. (deploySolrIndex.bat) in order to utilize search.

Re: Local Help Server question


@ChrisMerz Technically, the install is supposed to take care of the deploySolrIndex.bat function for us. I did find the webserver0301_install_wnt.pdf file and read through that. This documentation says that things should all be pre configured and run smoothly. But since I'm running multiple versions of NX and Solid Edge something probably got messed up along the way. OR it's just me- user error along the way.

I had to force the indexing- which is done on the zip files! I used the following in the CMD window:
cd C:\Program Files\Siemens\PLM Documentation Server\solr_updates
deploySolrIndex http://localhost:8283/solr
deploySolrIndex http://localhost:8283/solr
deploySolrIndex http://localhost:8283/solr

Then ran the following in a browser to verify indexing:

There is still something mucked up because the Filter By area isn't showing filters that are all  named "null". I.e. null (531), null (392)

But I can live without those for now.