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Locked Dimensions, setting???


When creating a simple rectangle using the box command (pre-dimensioned), is it possible to have all the dimensions locked?

Rather than having to select each one and lock each one seperately!?!?




Re: Locked Dimensions, setting???

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PLM World Member Legend
Using Auto-Dimensions for sketching (only when keyed in) does create driving dimensions. So, I looked at the IntelliSketch options for Auto-Dimensions, but that didn't seem to result in driving dimensions on the Box feature.

I am not an expert on Synchronous, so maybe someone else will know how to change that.


Re: Locked Dimensions, setting???

Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

Don't believe you can as that goes against the direct edit philosophy of Synchronous.  Idea is you only lock those dims that have to stay static through all edits becuase it is critical to design intent.


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Testing: SE 2019

Re: Locked Dimensions, setting???

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Solution Partner Phenom

If you expand the PMI section in the Path Finder(tree) you can click the padlocks without editing each dimension.(Fast!)

You can also Shift+Select a range of dimension and right click, lock many.