Looking foe help about uninstalling the solidedge st8.

 When I was uninstalling the solidedge st8,the following popup window was showed.



Re: Looking foe help about uninstalling the solidedge st8.

Sorry for not translating it into English.

It says something's wrong with the software package.The programm for installing can not run.

Re: Looking foe help about uninstalling the solidedge st8.

you might be following an incorrect procedure


here is the official process from GTAC


1. Uninstall Solid Edge (Both version).

2. Delete any Solid Edge folders you see in the C:\Program Files and/or 
C:\Program Files (X86) folders in Windows Explorer.

3. In the Registry Editor, look for and delete any Solid Edge registries found
in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Unigraphics Solutions and 
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Unigraphics Solutions. (Be Careful - only solid 
edge related entries)

4. If on 64bit OS - While still in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software, expand the 
Wow6432Node folder and delete any Solid Edge related registries found under 
Unigraphics Solutions folder.

5. Run SECleanupAll.exe from DVD under SPT Tools

6. From top level of Regedit search for CurrentVersion and delete if there 
are Solid Edge related registries - may take a while.

7.  Run the MSI Cleanup Utility found on the Solid Edge DVD in the following 
location: "Solid Edge => SptTools => MSI Cleanup Utility" This is a Free 
Microsoft Utility which will allow the user to clean up any Leftover Windows 
Installer configuration information.  This leftover information can cause
problems when you try to update or uninstall an application.

8. Reboot  (very important step - Do Not Ommit) 

9. If able to, turn off virus scanning tools before reinstalling. Can also 
look into what is required by your virus tool to allow the install. Solid Edge
files are thoroughly scanned and do not contain any viruses but some tools do
not recognize all of the components and will block them.

10. Reinstall Solid Edge (consider installing to a location other than the 
default - you can use C:\Solid Edge, for example)

11. If you are running any virus tools be sure to check all logs. There are 
occasionally issues where some virus scanners will prevent Solid Edge from