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Looking for best way


I need to make a bar in solid edge and run it in rule stream.

I will need to add multiple bars into an assembly. I already have a list of start and end points.

My first attempt was to make a circle and extrude it. In RuleStream I can control the diameter and length but I would rather be able to build the bar so it follows a start point and and end point. How can I do this?


Rulestream ETO Version
Solid Edge ST7

Re: Looking for best way

Honored Contributor
Honored Contributor

If you make an extruded circle into a cylinder, the protrusion lenth can be edited/controlled from the variables.


It is also possible to link that to a spreadsheet one at a time if you have a fixed amount of them. But then each Cylinder would be required to have a unique file name.


Another method would be to use frame design. Create the circlular cross section in question. Then create a wireframe for each cylinder. The length of each segment in the wireframe can be controlled w/ PMI.


I bet Imic's comes along and presents a solution that blow both of my solutions out of the water.