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Lost Work


Burned twice now with lost work. Am drawing an assemble in draft and notice slowing
in clipping, lines, etc., followed by white out of save icon. Am able to eventually
copy/paste 2D work onto a new sheet and save but original with added sheets of details
after last save is lost. How am I overloading system? My computer is a near new
Dell 9100 with dual core processors and 1GB SDRAM. Also, I am having trouble moving
a mirrored object to exact postion on centerline. What is the snap equivalent to

Re: Lost Work

Can you post the draft file that you are having the problem with? I can
investigate if I have the file. If you do not want to post the file to the
news group, you can sent it directly to me.
Ricky Black
Solid Edge Product Manager - Draft / Data Migration
UGS - Transforming the process of innovation