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Lost pages after upgrade.

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Subsequent to my initial use of the free 2d cad package I built three files one of
which had 6 pages (tabs). Solid Edge prompted me to upgrade which I did.
In order to install the upgrade I had to delete the old program file which was not
supposed to affect my files; however when I try to open the files with the new program
I only have the top sheet. The other sheet tabs are not visible and I cannot find
how to get them back.
Any help would be appreciated.

Re: Lost pages after upgrade.

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I assume you are talking about background sheets missing. You may have
previously had the background sheet tabs displayed. To enable them again,
click on the View tab at the top. Then click on Background in the Sheet
Views command group.
If this is not the problem, send one of the files to me and I will
Rick B.