Love the batch translator program - one suggestion



The batch translator program saves me a tremendous amount of time when sending dozens of dwg etc. files to vendors.  The one improvement I would like to see is a browse button when selecting a folder for output.  Right now, you either must type a path or open Windows Explorer and drag and drop a path.  



Kyle Joiner

Re: Love the batch translator program - one suggestion

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Hi Kyle,


I still have the ST6 Batch program:

Which folder path do you seek a Browse button for:




Re: Love the batch translator program - one suggestion

I use this one:

There you can drag your explorer folder to the screen to point to a folder.

Solid Edge ST9 & AutoCAD 2018 user

Re: Love the batch translator program - one suggestion

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Duh! stupid me Man Embarassed

Please see if this is the kind of 'Output Folder...' button required:



Not sure if I am allowed to, but the new program Batch2.exe.txt is attached herewith.

After removing the .txt I placed the new Batch2.exe in the original \Solid Edge STx\Custom\Batch\Bin\ folder and run from there.



As a downside, the earlier option to let the output files live in the original folder is gone and specifying an output folder is compulsory. The Process button will be disabled till then.


Any more suggestions for modification are welcome, as I am myself planning to make some very interesting additions to the existing functionality.




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Hi Tushar,


Glad to see someone is interested and willing to change the batch program.

There are a lot of things that could be done in batch process.

Like changing the background color in 3d models, changing used template, changing border and titleblock in 2D drawings, replace text, purge unused fonts and styles, purge unused dimension styles, update drawings.....and also the flat psm to dxf etc...

All these things you can find somewhere on the web but not centralised in the solid edge batch program. i think it would be better if Siemens plm could make something like a base template (With more color and icons Smiley Wink ) that programmers can use to build so called add-in's or add-on's. So that the mainstream user (like me) can benefit of custom made small macro's.

It could be a win-win situation i think for everyone. If we could have something like google playstore. Where you can buy an app without having to go broke. And also that motivated people like you stay motivated and can earn some cash by helping the SE community.

Dirk Rutten

Solid Edge STX user

Re: Love the batch translator program - one suggestion

FYI, the OpenSave macro will update 3D styles and update drawings.

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Hi Dirk:


You read my mind. A Google like store for SE Apps would be a great idea.

I am part of the Siemens Market Place but the minimum tag to add an app over there is USD 20 and I don't think it appropriate to post smaller apps.


Edgers: If you find this modification to Batch.exe useful, I am accepting anything in excess of $10 via my Paypal account or for that matter the Sheet_Table, Match Properties, Text Search...  Man Tongue  Cat Tongue  Robot wink  Just kidding !!