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YD, I couldn't find the reply button, so I created a new string.  Sorry.

I have attached a snippit of what I am trying to accomplish.


First off, we are still on ST3 but will be updating to the latest ST here very soon.  However, I have not had success with this feature creation since the early days of SE.


Now for my question.  I have created some copper that will also have a mirrored version of it.  However, I have never been successful at the mirror feature in the assembly mode with copper.  I was talking with one of my co-workers recently about it and he just happened to go back to his desk and try the same thing on his computer.  He was successful at the same function that I was trying to do.  When I do the mirror steps, and the last step before "finishing", I see the copper mirrored.  However, when I hit the finish button, it pops up with the error:  "The part cannot be placed.  Make sure it is not a feature library part."


I compared his settings to mine and they are the same.


Anyone have any suggestions to this?


Thanks in advance!



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please check you "Default templates" in Solid Edge Option/Helpers/ under "Set Default templates" button.

It is possible that you defined diffierent folder for your standard templates and you forgot map these template files in folder to your default templates.

def_temp.pngDefault templates are used for automatically created Solid Edge files during for example import assemblies and even for mirroring parts if "Mirror" option is enabled in Mirror command settings.


Hope this helps solve your issue.