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Macro PMtabelle X64 ?


The same question for this macro.

It's also coming from the website from Klaus Dahlenburg.

If someone does have an 64bit alternative just send me a PM

It does make in one of the corners of a drawing sheet a table with all the fits used in that drawing with the corresponding deviations.

And it does have class fit calculator. So not much would I say but it does make your drawing a bit cleaner and the CNC operator does have a quick overview of all dimensions that are important.



Dirk Rutten

Solid Edge STX user

Re: Macro PMtabelle X64 ?


Sorry Guys,


But I made a mistake here !

I added the wrong version !

I added the version from the site of Klaus Dahlenburg (V229) but the most recent one does come

from the site and is version v4.0.1. and does support SEX64


Anyway thank you all (I feel a bit stupid now but who cares I guess !Man Embarassed )

Dirk Rutten

Solid Edge STX user