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Macro request "Collapse clean up" part or psm


When I design or modify existing parts I often transfer them to Synchronous, ending up with all sort of stuff in the feature three like Live Sections, Sketches, Used Sketches, User defines Set and a lot of features.


This annoys me and sometimes synchronous moves / mod's fail, a solution that I found;  I "Insert Part Copy" them and end up with just one feature, its behaving better and the size is reduced by 50% or more.


Is there a macro around that automates this process; thus;


  • Opens new part or psm in synchronous mode
  • Insert Part Copy the existing part or psm
  • Auto optimizes the part or psm
  • Copies the material from the original part
  • Copies the properties/custom properties and styles from the original
  • Closes the original part
  • Saves the new part with the same name as the original, thus overwriting the older part
  • macro.jpg




With this macro you are able to push a button and have a crisp clean and lean 2017 part or psm of your whatever old parts.


Please let me know if this is around, or someone could write it for me or us.


Kind Regards,



Jan Bos

Emmen, The Netherlands

User of Solid Edge since V3.5