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Maintenance pack install error

Hi All, 


I have been trying to install SE ST7 Maintenance pack4 yet I keep getting this error,


An error (-5011 : 0x80000ffff) has occured while running the setup.


I have nothing else open while trying to set up and even tried doing it as the first thing after turning on the computer. Has anyone else ran into this problem or knows a fix?


I also have no maintenance packs installed yet. Should I be installing 1 through 3 first? I got told that i just need to install the latest.. also this has only been for the Solid Edge MP4.exe I haven't installed any of the other files in teh Maintenance pack, should I be installing other files in any particular order?


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Re: Maintenance pack install error

You only need to run the current maintenace pack - in this case MP4. You must have write access to the folder in which Solid Edge is loaded. By default this woill be C:\Program Files\Solid Edge ST7

I usually run the maintenance pack in Administrator mode - right click on the Solid_Edge_MP4.exe and select Run as administrator.


You do not have to install any of the optional files in the maintenance pack - unless you have those options of course. 


The last thing is that your down load could be corrupt. Try down loading just the Solid_Edge_MP4.exe and trying again. It may also pay to use a download manager.




Re: Maintenance pack install error

Hi Mark,


Thanks for the reply,

Unfortunately installing as an administrator does not work, I get the same problem. I have download the file several times and have tried with a file sent by the company we bought our license from.


I am still unable to upgrade.




Re: Maintenance pack install error

Hello Igor,


Just for the sake of it.....perhaps you could try downloading & installing MP1, and see if that completes. If no good, then it's more likely a system setting issue.


I would ask your reseller to come to your site and investigate this.....and have your IT admin included [if applicable]  in the visit, to get to the bottom of it faster.

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Re: Maintenance pack install error

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Use an archive utility such as 7-zip to manually extract the maintenance pack files from the downloaded Solid_Edge_MP4.exe file.  


Then run setup.exe from the extracted files by right-clicking -> Run as administrator.

Re: Maintenance pack install error

Hi, unfortunately the 7-zip method did not work, and MP1 also does not install, we are starting to think it is an error with the firewall and are getting the IT admin over to look at the issue.

Thanks for the suggestions

Re: Maintenance pack install error

I downloaded and installed MP4 about 3 weeks ago with no problems.
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Re: Maintenance pack install error

Hi All,


I eventually had to do a factory reset. It appeared that a system error was causing MP4 and MP5 to not install.


All working now. Thanks for the support and suggestions.