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Make a Pattern In An Ordered Doc.

In this image I am attempting to build this pattern highlighted in blue. I looked in help I've tried sketch component, tear off, tried all of the curve command, since the part is loaded with curves. I've tried free hand



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‎08-26-2015 04:32 AM

Re: Make a Pattern In An Ordered Doc.

Greg, I see a face (or part) highlighted in blue, but no sketch geometry of the "pattern" you want to create......what are you trying to do here? Pattern features?, or pattern a part??, in what modelling environment???
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Re: Make a Pattern In An Ordered Doc.

I tried to create a geometry sketch could not. A pattern feature. Similar
to using a pencil to create a etch on a sheet of paper. The modelling
environment in sketch is ordered. Tried the sync part nothing would happen.

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Re: Make a Pattern In An Ordered Doc.

Are you trying to "include" the edges? We now call that "project sketch" in sync but still include in ordered.

see this video to see if this is what you want?:

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