Make part show up in draft

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Attached is a part file. This was imported from a pera-solid file.


What do I need to do to make all of the 3 sub parts show up in the draft environment?





I think the key problem is that the model is surface only. What's the key term to look up in help or whats the command to take enclosed surfaces and turn into a solid.....IE the solidify command?


I stay away from surface modelin and try to stay in sheet metal. This is my first time trying to turn surfaces into solids.




Re: Make part show up in draft

Show surface bodies in the views.

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Re: Make part show up in draft

Thank you,


That allowed me to find my stumbling block. I needed to to display all under the part in draft so that I could see and turn the surface on.

Re: Make part show up in draft

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Also....have you tried opening that file into an Assembly template, to see if they come in as solids? the component looks to be modelled as it would be made, in 2 components + the o-ring.

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Re: Make part show up in draft

I have, that didn't separate the parts. Originally the file was Solid works single part.