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I was getting so many emails for "mark as accepted solution", I turned that notification off. How does one mark as an accepted solution at the post? I filled out the survey, but can't figure out how to mark it as solved.


Re: Mark as accepted solution

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@12GAGE ,


For all topics you start, there is basically [as per the site structure] an open all of those will require that action to be done, if they actually have an anwer that is correct, then the appropriate action is to press the "Accept as solution" button. [see example image below]


This is ONLY an option for the person that began the post/thread.


In reference to the "Survey" [which I have also completed] the "tag line" at the bottom you refer to, for marking as an accepted solution, is on Susan's signature, when she originally posted it.



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Re: Mark as accepted solution

I was getting so many of those emails, I turned those emails off. I'm asking if there is a way to do this from the forum while looking at the thread.

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Re: Mark as accepted solution

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That's what Sean showed in his picture and it is only available for the person who created the first post.


So when you look at this thread, each message that Sean and I posted should have the button to mark our posts as an accepted solution.


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Re: Mark as accepted solution

That worked. I guess the threads I looked at for that were either not mine or were already checked as solved or something else was preventing that from showing up. I'm not sure, but every time I looked that option was not there including this thread before today. Not sure why.