Mass update for filename links? [SOLVED]

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NEVER MIND...  found the tool in the SE Viewer & Markup program



We recently made some network changes, and the server name that all the SE files are on got changed (from "xxx-appl" to "xxx-app01").  No changes to the directory structures or anything, just the server's name.


Is there a tool to do a mass replace/update of every link?


(i.e. change every instance of "\\xxx-ati-appl\" to "\\xxx-ati-app01\" in the links of every .par, .asm, .dft, .cfg, etc...)




Re: Mass update for filename links? [SOLVED]

Same. This is a HUGE problem with linked files.


How was this "SOLVED" ?

Re: Mass update for filename links? [SOLVED]

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There is a button in View and Markup utility called "Redefine Links", under the Tool tab. Attached is a screenshot of the important part of the utility, in which you type in the section of the current link path you want to replace, and what you want to define the new link path is. This will crawl through all Solid Edge files in the folder you select, and replace that section of the link. 


I had to do a server base name change earlier this year and was quite worried about it, but it ended up being almost painless. Good luck.


-Dylan Gondyke