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hello.. i have problem on material table. I'm working on SE St9, and when i want to insert the material, once I click the material at the tree left side of the SE, there are nothing come out and the software become unclickable to other button. The only way to quit out from 'unclickable moment' is by pressing ESC button on keyboard. Anything I miss-clicking? How to solve this problem?


Note: It just not working for past few days. Before this, I have try and it works.


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it sounds like the material pop-up windows opens somewhere outside your computer display and therefore you won't be able to click anywhere since that pop-up window is active. Try clicking this keyboard shortcut>


Windows key + Shift + Arrow key left & right.


It should move the pop-up window so that you can see it. I had that problem once with my Physical properties pop-up window.

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@Teemu I knew Win+arrow keys for applications but didn't know Win+Shift+arrow for windows - good knowledge!


Hopefully in ST10 SE can improve their window management, it's quite a common problem that windows are rendered off screen, particularly if you swap monitor sides in a multi monitor setup.


Thanks Teemu.

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Thanc both of you @Teemu and @Alex_H for the reponses. Even the solution that you are recommended is not working but I just realize that the problem arise after I'm projecting my laptop into another screen by using Extended Mode. Once again thank you.