Material in sheet metal corners

One thing I hear often on this forum is "there is more than one way to get things done" worded many different ways.


I have not found that to be true with sheet metal. Attached is an image of a sheet metal corner.


Is there any method other than a 2 way corner command to get material into the corner of two flanges? If there is, I want to know.


What I had expected and hoped for was a method of turning off the elimination of material in that corner during flange creation. If the part was bent from a flat that already has an undersized such thing.


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What are you trying to end up with? No open material in the corner? When the flat is formed, it's going to stretch and create a void, isn't it? If you took that part and created a flat pattern, aren't your brake lines coming to a point? Maybe I'm not understanding what you're asking for.

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I'm looking for alternate methods of getting material into the corner. Typically I only want just a bit. for example, say you have a square piece of sheet metal with a 3/4" square notch in the corner and the flanges are bent 1" long. To do this right now, I have to use the close corner command and play hit/miss and edit numbers until I end up with the desires flat pattern.


I'm looking for better ways to get that done. If I could just turn off the removal of material when a bend is added, I would be very happy, but that is not an options.




I attached images of what I'm typically looking for. They vary from needing close corners to not. it all depends on many other design factors. I attached 4 images, the first two require the extra material in the corner that can ONLY be added with the close corner command that is not user friendly when the result desired is an even size square notch in the corner to match with punch sizes. The last two I do by creating a cut sketch on the top of the flat pattern sketch so I can size the corner relative to the flat's edge.

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Here is an alternate way using the bend command. I haven't been able to get it to do exactly what you want but it might get you close. I still had to add a little notch as bends have to end on an edge. This lets you easily get your notch and flange size, but has interferences and doesn't always flatten. You can possibly play with it and get it to work.


Can any other CAD program do what you are trying to do? I'm pretty sure Inventor at least needs deinite edges as well. And how are you actually bending it? Seems like the corner would be kinda messed up if you try to bend it on a press break with extra material there.

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You can unbend the flange. Add a tab to the bend and then re-bend the flange. If you have specific sizes in mind you can set up a group treatment in your feature library. Then simply drag, drop and select faces.



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A tab can't be added to a flange all the way to the base of a bend where the corner material would be.


I have yet to find a way to get the bend command to exicute without removing the "corner material"


Yes it does not bend compleatly cleanly. This is actually know by the program. Look at how the part displays when a small gap is used in the close corner command.  however, this does determine the welding gaps when the part is welded to it's self afterwards. And more on point with what I'm trying to control, the size of the corner notch in the origional flat.


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The tab can go to the corner so long as you dont close it. But yes the corner material would need to be removed. You can set up your contour flanges to leave the corners open if you need to treat your corners like this regularly.

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I looked at the part you attached. The material I'm looking for other ways to add is not there. The 2 way/3 way corners are the ONLY way to get the material in place that I'm looking for.


It's the material in the corner where two flanges meet that I'm looking for alternate methods of getting in place. Not a bunch of it, just a little bit. But that does not matter. Either it can be there or not.


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To address this issue you will need the corner command or you and do an unbend on one of the corners to get the end answer close to what you are looking for. If this is something that you would need to use a lot I would recommend you submit and enhancement request for this or try to make the same model in ordered. Sync sheet metal can create almost anything you need but there are features and tools to come in future releases.

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Attached is a typical design with problem corners. The attached case does work. But when I need the cabinet to be a thicker gage steel, The corner holes no longer work and have to undesirably become larger. When that happens, it is imposible for me to model what we actually manufacture. I have to resort to notes that change how the model is manufactured vs what is in the model file. Try editing the part B1 to 14 gage and watch the flat fail.


If the prgram would allow me to bend sheets without altering the flat, that would make me very happy.


I can't even get what I want done in ordered. And you want me to use Sync?