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Materials Table

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Am I the only person that just 'can't get on with' the new "Materials Table" since its introdution? The previous version we had for years was superb and was intuitive to use, edit and add materials.


I have a material that has a lower case 'b' in its title where, how do I edit it so that it becomes an uppercase 'B'? When I click on Re-name and edit it to 'B' (and a wave of joy spreads) the software changes it back to lower case....






Re: Materials Table

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Siemens Phenom

First make a change to the material name so that  it is a different name e.g. append another character to the end of the name. 


Then rename the material again, this time removing the temporary character and correcting the case as required to the uppercase "B".

Re: Materials Table


Try changing the 'b' to a different letter, then back to 'B'


The same thing happens in windows explorer, you can't change the case of a single letter with a rename.


We do all our material table mods in the spreadsheet version then re-import.

We make our table read-only to stop users adding materials that shouldn't be there.

We have a 'Preferred' materials section containing the ones we should use, a section for old material specs (we have to model a lot of old existing parts, so that keeps the model in line with what is on the drawing), a 'Base Materials' section and a couple of others.

In the preferred list we have broken things down to help users choose the right material and added notes and usage properties.


The problem I had when setting up the material table was you can't have the same folder name in 2 different categories.

eg you can't have 'Sheet & Plate' as a sub-folder of Steel, and then use the same name for a sub-folder under Aluminium.


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