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I've made parts for a scissor jack and am trying to mate all of the parts in an assembly. I did this is SW and it all went together very easily. When I try it in SE the mates won't mate, it says there are conflicts, even though there are none.


I am using the FlashFit, starting with the cylindrical faces (holes cut for bolts or pins), and then going to the sides of the c-channel, but as soon as I mate the bolt hole faces the sides of the channel can't be mated to each other. And I can't mate all of the bolt holes, I can mate them all up to the last one but the pieces won't move into position to make the mate work. 


I've tried using different mates, like Axial Align for the holes, but it makes no difference. 


btw I'm trying to attach a pdf image of the file, but it won't upload, does this site not allow pdf files?




Here's a simplified video of two mates that I can't to work together. The two parts rotate around the first mate, so they aren't locked. 


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Re: Mates

Are the return faces at 90°? 


Have you modelled the parts symetrically through the centre planes? If so try mating these planes together (turn off flash fit to select planes). You may then spot any discrepencies within the model that are causing the issue.




Re: Mates

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Thanks, I recreated all the parts and it's working fine, must have made the first set of part with non-perpendicular faces (who knows how).