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Mentoring a Greenpower Race Team: Episode 3 - Getting started.

Siemens Valued Contributor Siemens Valued Contributor
Siemens Valued Contributor

It’s time to get serious about getting started so I’ll devote these next few posts to getting started and implementation options. It’s been my experience that Greenpower is easy to sell, it took me like 30 seconds to get my two teachers interested in Greenpower, the challenge was finding the best way to implement Greenpower. Hence, I’ll divide this post in to 2 parts: this post “first contact”, followed by implementation options to discuss with an interested teacher.

Choosing a school…

Do you have a child in or entering school? If so, there’s your best place to start. Otherwise look for a school close to your home or on the way home from work. The schools I chose were one that my daughter went and one that she is going to, so my decision was easy.And both were close to each other making dual mentorship possible.


Finding a contact…

The school system in my area had faculty contacts on the web so getting emails and phones numbers were easy. If you have the same, look for STEM, engineering, math or science related teachers; these will be your starting point. Also contacting the principal directly is not a bad option. If all else fails, call the front desk and start the cold calling process.  


What to make contact with…

Email is the easiest but is also easy to ignore, whereas phone calls are hard to connect with someone, but simplify starting a dialog. Whatever you chose, first introduce yourself, introduce Greenpower, include some Greenpower statistics, include some YouTube links to race coverage with student interviews, and what kids get out of the program. Finally state your intentions; to help them implement Greenpower and act as a mentor. To make things simple, I’ve include the email template I used.


What to expect…

Initially, nothing. Seriously. My school system has several filters to eliminate sales people—which I’m sure I was considered initially. You may get lucky and receive a return call or email after your first letter. I started with emails to the list of teachers and to honest, it took around 5 emails before I got a reply. It’s not that the program is hard to sell, but unsolicited emails tend to go unanswered—heck even I don’t open anything that looks like SPAM. If you have a phone number, that may be the best option, but teachers can be hard to get a hold of and leaving a message is almost as bad as email.


If you hook a fish…

Make things easy on your teachers. We all work hard but teachers more and with much less pay so meet at a time and location suitable for them. I meet my teachers after school in their classroom.


Stay tuned for my next post, I’ll dig deep into what to discuss regarding implementation options.


See you next time,



Kris Kasprzak