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Mentoring a Greenpower Race Team: Episode 428

Siemens Valued Contributor Siemens Valued Contributor
Siemens Valued Contributor

Wait…what happened to the other 426 episodes? I thought I would give some live coverage of my mentoring and give an update to what we did last night. The race season is coming to a close and I decided to give my High School team a “final exam”. Naturally, the teams firs question was “will this count”? For the record it didn’t but was valuable in learning what the team learned. Here are some examples of the questions I asked:


  1. During car scrutineering, you know an area where your car will fail and you think it may pose a safety issue and the judges have not yet noticed the issue. Do you (choose one of the following):

     a. Stand back and let them do their job

     b. Tell them about the issue

     c. Try to hide the issue so they will not notice it

     d. Other ___________________________________


I figured answer (a) would be the popular one, but most chose (b). They claimed “it was the right thing to do”. One creative answer was (d), but try to fix the problem later, if it was unfixable then tell the race marshals. Next question:


2. You are assigned the task of choosing a team of divers, which of the following is the most important trait to look for?

     a. Size

     b. Driving skills


I figured the team would go for (a) as lighter generally means faster. Most chose (b) because what they learned during their 2 races was the driver that could hit a curves apex at the right spot or could drive a near straight line through a chicane had a clear advantage. The best response I heard was “(a) but only if we have enough time to train the drive so that have top skills.


During the exams review, I watched my team “feed” off of each other’s thoughts—very refreshing. Now I know why Bob Jones Patriot Racing took 1st place in all their races.


After discussing each answer, I followed up with personal experience as it related to a real-life situation (for #2, the life example was disclosure laws when selling Real Estate, so make sure you know the rules for anything you play).


The mentorship lesson here is that your team will figure this stuff out, you only need to stay out of their way, but guide them if they fall astray.


More to come 


Kris Kasprzak