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I am using Solid edge ST7 ,i created a model similiar to the above image ,i need to analyse it using solid edge simulation tool bar how can clean up the faces, because i am facing the Problem during Meshing process. 


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It would be best if you could post the part. My first approach is to try and delete the smaller ones one at a time. This usually blends the surround few surfaces.


But to take it further I would want to play with it a bit.



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Could you share this model?


There are same ways to do what you want, but it depends on models.





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You might want to give the "Redefine" option a try (found in the Surfacing toolbar).  This may allow you to merge those faces together while controlling the edge conditions.  Worth a shot.


Kevin Grayson
Solid Edge Technical Consultant

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Try the Inspect tab>Geometry Inspector to identify small faces and delete what you can.

Then modify your study advanced settings Geometry check = Warning Only.