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Migration Tool Settings


Hi All, 


We are in the process of migrating all our CAD data from 'Works to 'Edge. The migration tool is making this a lot simpler than it could have been, is saving time and a considereable amount of hair loss (having expirienced hell in a previous life when converting from inventor to solidworks years ago).


Just one question regarding the tool. Is there anyway you can make it look in the same folders each time you open it. Everytime I use the migration tool I have to point the 'Solidworks Folder' to the right place & the 'Solidedge Folder' to the right place also. 


I understand that a lot of times files won't necessarily be in the same folder but we are using a single folder as a 'Migration from'  and doing regular clearouts when things are migrated - just seemed like this would be an option somewhere.