Migration from ST6 to ST7

Hi All,


I know this question comes up about every 6 months, and I know I have seen something recently from Dan Staples about how to do this, but what I would like to do is to keep all the settings and customisations from ST6 and migrate them to ST7.


Ideally for me, any user opening ST7 would have a similar experience as they did in the ST6 predecessor. I know there have been improvements, but I could really do with out the month of whinging that seems to follow an upgrade.


Any help (search suggestions will be welcomed as well, I have tried a couple and have not come up with anything) will be greatly appreciated.


It is a shame there isn't an upgrade wizard yet, that lets you migrate what you need to, while still being able to see what is new.



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Re: Migration from ST6 to ST7

You unistall ST6. You then install ST7. When opening ST7 for the first time, it will migrate your setting from ST6 over. There's some thing you have to re setup like your file locations. That's about it. rest of it you have setup your self, Background color, Pathfinder and ect.  Now once you setup one computer and want to set the rest up little faster. let me know

Re: Migration from ST6 to ST7

I guess it would be quite good to replicate my settings on other machines. However it looks like a couple of weeks of complaining is the way to go...

Shane Murray

Re: Migration from ST6 to ST7

Try copying this folder from your existing machine to the same location on the new machine -


C:\Users\[your username]\AppData\Roaming\Unigraphics Solutions\Solid Edge\Version 106.


When you start ST7 it should then use these settings as previous posters have shown.

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Re: Migration from ST6 to ST7

As beachcomber states, copying the folder is a good idea.
There are about 6 "personalization" files that should be copied over for each machine. Things such as custonized color layouts, callouts, BOM settings, etc can be retained from one version to the other. Remember that each machine should have these copied from the local drive. I oversee 6 seats here where I work.
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