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Minimum distance (clearance) between two groups of parts


Is there a command that would calculate the minimum distance between one group of parts and another group of parts.  I have a cover over a printed circuit board with 500 parts on it.  Is there a way to find the minimum distance between this group of 500 parts and the cover other than using the measure distance command multiple (500) times?  Interference checker lets one check for interference between two groups of parts, but does not give minimum distance between non-interfering parts.  Help, I've had production problems because of the lack of this command.  Anybody willing to write code to do this if it's not available?


Betreff: Minimum distance (clearance) between two groups of parts

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Esteemed Contributor

Hi @drl123




thefirst and fast way I will think about, is to copy the assembly into a part, do a boolean subtract with it from a larger box and will there to the find minimum distance!