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Mirror - copy a weldment to create a new weldment file

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I have two similar weldments that I need to model up. They are almost a right hand / left hand pair, but they have different hole locations. So I have modeled the "right" hand one. How do I "save as" a "left" hand one so I can go in an modify it with no associativity with the original "right" hand part?

Re: Mirror - copy a weldment to create a new weldment file

Most designers want the left and right hand components to be associatively linked, so creating the mirrored components and breaking that associativity is a bit of a process.
What you can do is the follwoing
1. open a blank assembly
2. Use "Insert Assembly Copy" command and pick the Right Hand assembly
3. In the dialog uncheck everything and Check the option to "Mirror About" and select the plane you wish to mirror about.
NOTE that some parts would not typically need to be mirrored, but simply rotated on the mirrored assembly. If you want to create unique parts for all components so you can move holes, switch these parts to Mirror from the drop list.
4. Right click on the Assembly copy and under More, click the option to "Break Link" (this breaks associativity to the original Assembly)
5. Save the Assembly as Left Hand...
6. In place activate into each part and you will see it has created an associative part copy to the right hand part in the ordered environment.
7. Edit the definition of the part copy, and in the parameters dialog, uncheck "Link to file". Finish
8. Now Right click on the "part copy" feature and select move to synchronous.
9. Click on the synchronous node in Pathfinder and now you can synchronously move the holes where you want or add PMI dimensions to locate them preceisely.