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Mirroring a Plane about another Plane




I'm looking for a method to mirror a plane about another plane. Does anyone here know how I may be able to do this?


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Betreff: Mirroring a Plane about another Plane

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what's about using a plane surface instead of a reference plane for the first object?


This could be mirrored about a reference plane.


Re: Mirroring a Plane about another Plane

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The best work around I can see is to make two planes offset from the center plane. Then use variables to set the offsets equal to each other (X1=-X2). 


I then label each plane (F2), then rename the variables to match.


To make that easier, with the variables open, highlight each plane to find the variable for it, then rename that/each planes variable to something you can find.


I do this frequently for Plane driven assemblies of sheet metal where I want the 0 point in the center. I end up with planes XP XN YP YN ZP ZN. XP = plane positive along the X axis, ZN = plane negative on the Z axis, etc...


Then I set XP=-XN, YP=-YN, ZP=-ZN 

Then If needed XP = X/2

I end up with X, Y, Z incontrol of a centered cube.

Re: Mirroring a Plane about another Plane

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Hi there @ncsteinb,


Do you need planes, or could you make use of the coordiante system to achieve what you need?

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