Mirroring block affects Block Label alignment...

Very new to SE2D however I'm having a problem.  When I mirror a block that contains block labels the mirrored text gets lowered- it appears that the anchor points for the label change properly just that the graphics for the text are shifted down (this also happens with annotations).


I'm really liking what I'm seeing so far but this would be a show stopper for me if I can figure out how to easily work around it.


Can anyone shed some insight as to what might be going on here?


Re: Mirroring block affects Block Label alignment...

Hi Bill,

This is an odd one!...while I don't use blocks that much, I struggle with why you would mirror them in this case, instead of just dragging off a copy, placing and editing as desired.

Also, probably best asked in the "2D Drafting" case there are specifics that are not handled the same in the commercial versions.
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Re: Mirroring block affects Block Label alignment...

Thanks for the response- I'll repost this down there. These are fixed values that I use over and over to generate wiring diagrams- so I don't want to re-enter the same data every time I do a new diagram.