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Mirroring block affects Block label alignment...


Very new to SE2D however I'm having a problem.  When I mirror a block that contains block labels the mirrored text gets lowered- it appears that the anchor points for the label change properly just that the graphics for the text are shifted down (this also happens with annotations).


I'm really liking what I'm seeing so far but this would be a show stopper for me if I can figure out how to easily work around it.


Can anyone shed some insight as to what might be going on here?


SE2D Screen1.jpg


Re: Mirroring block affects Block label alignment...


I am able to verify this.

The justification appears to be middle-right and the mirrored justification for block labels is correctly displayed as middle left.

Further, after un-blocking the mirrored block, the vertical misalignment is gone but the horizontal spacing breaks.

Note that the distance or spacing between the text start point from a common margin is equal to the text length - could be useful for debugging for someone who would wan to tweak the original code.

Alas! no resolution in sight as I continue to tweak the font, justification, etc.



Re: Mirroring block affects Block label alignment...

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Valued Contributor


Same here... Really annoying!



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