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Missing Part Number


I have an exploded assembly of a shaker standing desk that I have brought into the Draft environment to start creating a set of working drawings, when I add the parts list there is consistently one part that does not get numbered (it is always the same part); the parts list has parts 1-12 then it skips 13 and continues on 14-44. I have tried recreating a new draft of the assembly but the number omision is always the same.


I am inclined to think that there is something about the part itself that isn't right, but I have reviewed its properties and they appear to be fine.


Any suggestions would be appreciated.




Drawing size is ANSI D; scale of the exploded assembly is 1:8

ST7, MP01

Windows 7


Re: Missing Part Number

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Have the assembly occurrence properties been set to exclude that part from the BOM? In the assembly, right click on the assembly file's listing at the top of the PathFinder, then select Occurrence Properties.

Re: Missing Part Number


I am having the same problem in ST8. My part list skips No. 15? I have updated assembly, parts list, etc. Occurrence properties has everything as "Yes" for parts list?