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Missing position in assembly draft

Dear all, 

For some time we started to have a new problem when working with Solid Edge ST3 and Teamcenter Some positions are missing from the part list of the assembly drawing. 

In a few words: we make a new assembly. We make the draft of the assembly. The part list settings is to use "Use assembly generated item numbers ". See the image "PartListProperties.jpg". In the assembly environment, from the path finder, in the Occurence Properties, we can establish the order of the components as we desire. See the image "occurence_properties.jpg". In some cases , we can not insert a certain position in the Occurence Properties, and so , we don't have the position in the Part List. The very bad part is that sometimes this issues occurs also on Revisions! It's quite a mess! 

What could be the soluiton for this? Did someone of you had the same thing? 

Of course, any suggestions will be much appreciated!


Thank you & Have a nice day!




Ciprian Chiosa
Solid Edge ST8 + TC10.1 - Win 7 x64
SIPA Enginnering Romania

Re: Missing position in assembly draft

I remember this, I believe that in ST2 or ST3 it was a new feature, correct me if I'm wrong.

The assembly item numbers are still a mess, there is no fix for this. You can renumber them but it still sucks.

All that time we just renumbered the items in draft, it was a lot faster than doing it via the assembly numbering. Siemens did not believe this so I made a video and challenged them to be faster than renumber it in draft, never heard from it again.

Not these days in ST6 and 7 the numbering can be done automatically in draft. Perhaps it's better to go to ST6, if teamcenter is up-to-date
Daniël Schuiling
Solid Edge ST7
Teamcenter 10

Re: Missing position in assembly draft

Well, for us it's happening in ST3. Unfortunately, we have some connections between Teamcenter and Solid Edge, and we have to use the assembly numbering, due to the fact that the Technical BOM from Teamcenter it is created on the numbering from the assembly. Regarding the up-grade on ST5 / ST6, at least for the moment, as far as I know it is out of the question... So , any help will be appreciated. Thanks!
Ciprian Chiosa
Solid Edge ST8 + TC10.1 - Win 7 x64
SIPA Enginnering Romania