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Mobile viewer on iPad broken


Our service department is using iPads to view sev files and up to this morning this worked oké.


Apple updated the OS and the viewer for SEV files is no longer compatible with that new OS system.


We have downloaded the JT viewer and we can view files now.


Any Idea when the Sev viewer is updated or is this product phased out in favour of the JT viewer ?


Please let me know what we can expect..


Kind Regards,



Jan Bos

Emmen, the Netherlands

Solid Edge user since version 3.5



Re: Mobile viewer on iPad broken

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

iOS 11 requires all applications be compiled as  64-bit applications.  The current Mobile Viewer solution does not support 64-bit.  There is an existing ER requesting support for the new iOS 11 64-bit ER#8989892.  I would suggest contacting your Solid Edge support and asking to be added to the this master ER.