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Model styler


Hello everybody,

i wrote a little program to primarily update the view and face styles of solid edge models. The program is a modification of the OpenSave macro. You can copy the style sheets of a selectable template into any file of an open assembly (you have the option to skip standard parts) or only into the active file (top assembly or single par/psm). The program also copies the units of measure settings from the sourcefile to the destinations if you want.

If no solid edge file is open when you start the program, you get into "batch mode". You can drag and drop e.g. your template folder (only asm, par and psm files will pass the filter) in the listbox and process those files.

In batch mode you have the options to hide all refplanes, coordinate systems and also set a standard view orientation. A picture of the available options is in the attachment.

I don't know if the tool is working with insight or other plm systems, i work only with file based solid edge models.

I hope, this will help me to avoid trouble: The tool is for free, you use it at your own risk. I disclaim liability for any damage on your files.

Because my homepage is only available in german, you can download the fullversion directly here.

If you like the program, i like kudos Smiley Wink.


Greeting from Germany


Greetings from Germany
Christian Kunkel

Re: Modell styler

Gears Phenom Gears Phenom
Gears Phenom



A huge thank you for this! Smiley Happy




Re: Model styler

Hi Christian,


First of all I would like to thank you for the program.

I have send you an email via the info mail, but to make sure that you receive the error message I also place it here.


The tool worked perfect untill now, if you could check it it would be perfect. But I understand if you don't have time for this.


I get an error message as shown below

Modell Styler error.png


The details are shown in the notepad file

Daniël Schuiling
Solid Edge ST7
Teamcenter 10

Re: Model styler



there is a bug with the 'set view orientation'. If you have problems disable the setting at the moment. At the moment i have no time to fix it, but i will release an update in near future.



Greetings from Germany
Christian Kunkel