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Model title --> drawing title



Is there a way to populate the title of the drawing.dft with the title of the model that is placed on this drawing so that if you view files in windows explorer and you add the column "Title" the title of the drawing the title is shown... see screenshot.


Populating the drawingtitle block is done with property text, no problem with

%{Title|R1} this works.


Anyone out there with a idea / solution


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Re: Model title --> drawing title

I think you would have to put this in the Title property of the draft - as you have done with your models.

We don't extract model title as drawing title (because we do multiple parts per drawing)

Our title block is filled in via a macro I created, and that saves the drawing title to the Title property of the draft file.

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Re: Model title --> drawing title

We have a little tool doing this.


Works as an addin in Solid Edge Draft environment. 


It will sync the properties from the 3D-Part to the Draft.

Whenever the Draft will be saved the sync process starts!


In an INI-File you can control which properties should be synchronized. This can be also done depending on the 3D-Modelltype e.g.

.PAR sync only the Project Number and the Material

.PSM sync the Project Number, the Material and the Bend Radius



Also there is a mapping list for renaming the properties in the Draft-Document. So the Propertyname in the Draft can be different from the 3D-Model but the value is equal.


As a selection the frist placed 3D-Modell is used for synchronisation. The tool is for free but today the documentation is only in German. 

If I have time I will translate it in English and upload here. 


But it is far away from rocket science. 

Install it and just make some entries in the INI-File.


If you are interested in the way "as it is" drop me an email.



Re: Model title --> drawing title



It appears you simply want to use the model title as the drawing title without any changes.

Do you want a free or paid macro for this ?




Re: Model title --> drawing title

A free macro would be te best solution...

Re: Model title --> drawing title

Wunderfull.. it works.. thanks Stefan.

Re: Model title --> drawing title

You are welcome!Smiley Wink