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Modify a surface

I have drawn a boat hull and have some abnormalities in the hull surface.  At this point I am not smart enough to correct them.  I tried offsetting surfaces and using the intersection conmmamd to create guide curves to re-shape the hull side however, the intersections do not line up with the cross curves that the hull side was created from. 


The hull side is a bounded surface that I created from the cross curves.  The hull side itself does not follow the cross curve exactly.  Hopefully all of this makes sense.  If any one could help me figure out how to fix this "dent" in the hull side I would appreciate it!


Re: Modify a surface


There are a few things you can do. More cross sections is an obvious way to go. You might also try a Ruled surface, where curves in direction X can be curved, but curves in direction Y have to be straight lines. You could force that by just lofting between two curves.


I personally would not use a bounded surface. I would probably use a Bluesurf, or  maybe a multi-section sweep.


The big thing that a lot of people don't get with surfacing is that you should always "overbuild" your surfaces. Most features want to create a rectangular patch. Go with that, and just trim back to the shape you want later. If you get the surfaces right, the edges will turn out ok when you trim them. It's tough to fight the urge to drive your model from the edges, especially if your edges do not bound rectangular faces.

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Re: Modify a surface

Thank you.  I am pretty green in Solid Edge.  I will try your suggestions and see if I can make any of them work.